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Look what i found at Savers yesterday!  yes I said Savers, that Thrift store that Big Brothers gives to.  Now I don’t normally go there, but they were having a 30%off sale yesterday, cheap stuff that just got cheaper!


Hello reader,

Since I’ve been on an applique “kick” lately, I would like to teach you other shapes, and how to make you’re own templates from different materials!  So be on  the lookout for:

– Paper plate templates (bells, stars, and hearts, OH MY!!!)

– Star paper piecing (Oh My stars!)

And much more to come!!!

I have 7 likes already!!!  And my blog stats have at least 3 visitors everyday for the past three days!  I’m going to start posting on Pinterest, because I’m so happy!


Thank You everyone!

Hello everyone, it’s me again!  Here with another tutorial, and good news about previous posts!

SO…  Today we will be making what I like to call the, “invisible” pillow.  No it’s not really invisible, however you see through the fabric to the inside!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2- 1 yard of sheer fabric
  • fleece scraps (selvedges, corners from tie blankets, ect.)
  • your sewing machine
  • colorful sewing machine thread

Here’s the fabric!

Now with right sides facing, and using colorful machine thread, sew three sides together, leaving the fourth open for stuffing!

When you’re finished with that, here’s the fun part!!  The Stuffing!  you get to see all of the pretty colors come together inside your pillow, and it makes it soft too!

I save mine and ask all of my volunteers to save the selvedges, and corners for this purpose, and for patchwork fleece quilts.

Anyway,  Stuff till fluff! or you could overstuff if you want taking care that the fabric doesn’t rip.

Now that you’ve stuffed your pillow, time to sew up the fourth side!  Using zig-zag stitch and colorful thread, sew it up!

Sorry about the shadow guys!

Tell me how it turns out, and what you do with it!  Always think about charity when making something from one of my tutorials!  Thanks for reading!

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Just like last nights’ post about paper piecing use your newspaper when you are done with it.

Going to jump right to the heart cut out already. sorry guys, don’t have much time right now.  So I traced the heart from a blue heart template that I had (you can find shape cutters at JoAnn’s, or online at and cut it carefully with a scissor.  Next, pick some scraps.

However, for this I will be using crazy quilt, “crumb blocks” which I found the pattern for on Pinterest.

Pretty right?  These are 3 inch squares of which will be cut down to fit inside the heart.  DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THE EXTRA!  YOU WILL NEED IT LATER ON!

The Heart:

If the paper doesn’t jam in your machine, you will get a perfect heart, otherwise, one top will be off slightly.  If this happens,  use another scrap to correct this problem, and your shape cutter, or the traditional method- a marker and the template-.

Here’s mine:

Comment below with how yours turned out!  Thanks guys!

Just thought of this, not sure if anyone else does this but take your newspaper after you are done reading it, and lets’ PIECE!!!


Okay so you have “the paper”, now you need “the fabric”.  In this tutorial I am using scraps to make triangles for a quilt pattern I saw on pinterest a while ago.  The quilt when finished will go to Binky Patrol.

There’s the scraps… the cat is playing with a bobbin…  so let’s BEGIN!!!

First tear off the first page  (or whatever page you would like to use for this).  Alternatively, you could use scissors and neatly cut it, but I’m just going to tear it off.

Cut a right triangle (or whatever shape(s) you are using from this page).  For me, I cut a right triangle where the Hypotenuse measures FIVE INCHES!

Pick your scraps:

Sew to cut triangle in the order which pleases your eye.


Sew 1/4 inch from the edges on all three sides, then VERY  carefully take the paper off.

Thanks for reading!


Questions, comments, want to know more about Binky Patrol, or want to help our our cause?  Send me an E-mail at


Thanks again!